Best Sellers

SKU030 - D.O.W Oryx
Ideal field knife for working big game.
SKU001 - D.O.W Alaskan Guide
This beast is great for all weather hunting.
SKU046 - D.O.W Tsessebe
The perfect gentleman's knife.
SKU028 - Maple Recon
The Maple Recon is a machine! Ideal for the Survivalist , hunter or Camper.
SKU014 - D.O.W Iguana
The perfect go everywhere do anything knife.
SKU012 - D.O.W Jnr Peasant
Perfect for the garden or workshop.
SKU027 - D.O.W PH5
Not a knife to be kept in the safe.
SKU042 - D.O.W Taz
Built for adventure